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 Download MikroTik software v6.30

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What's new in 6.30 (2015-Jul-08 09:07):
*) wireless - added WMM power save suport for mobile devices;
*) firewall - sip helper improved, large packets no longer dropped;
*) fixed encryption 'out of order' problem on SMP systems;
*) email - fix sending multiple consecutive emails;
*) fixed router lockup on leap seconds with installed ntp package;
*) ccr - made hardware watchdog work again (was broken since v6.26);
*) console - allow users with 'policy' policy to change script owner;
*) icmp - use receive interface address when responding with icmp errors;
*) ipsec - fail ph2 negitioation when initiator proposed key length
   does not match proposal configuration;
*) timezone - updated timezone information to 2015e release;
*) ssh - added option '/ip ssh stong-crypto'
*) wireless - improve ac radio coexistence with other wireless clients, optimized
    transmit times to not interfere with other devices;
*) console - values of $".id", $".nextid" and $".dead" are avaliable for
    use in 'print where' expressions;
*) console - ':execute' command now accepts script source in "{}" braces,
    like '/system scripts add source=' does;
*) console - ':execute' command now returns internal number of running job,
    that can be used to check and stop execution. For example:
      :local j [:execute {/interface print follow where [:log info "$name"]}]
      :delay 10s
      :do { /system script job remove $j } on-error={}
*) console - firewall 'print' commands now show all entries including
    dynamic, 'all' argument now has no effect;
*) ipsec - increase replay window to 128;
*) fixed file transfer on devices with large RAM memory;
*) pptp - fixed "encryption got out of sync" problem;
*) ppp - disable vj tcp header compression;
*) api - reduce api tcp connection keepalive delay to 30 seconds,
   will timeout idle connections in about 5 minutes;
*) pptp & l2tp & sstp client: support the case were server issues its tunnel
   ip address the same as its public one;
*) removed wireless package from routeros bundle package,
   new wireless-fp is left in place and wireless-cm2 added as option;
*) pptp & l2tp client: when adding default route, add special exception route for
   a tunnel itself (no need to add it manually anymore);
*) improved connection list: added connection packet/byte counters,
   added separate counters for fasttrack, added current rate display,
   added flag wheather connection is fasttracked/srcnated/dstnated,
   removed 2048 connection entry limit;
*) tunnels - eoip, eoipv6, gre,gre6, ipip, ipipv6, 6to4 tunnels
   have new property - ipsec-secret - for easy setup of ipsec
   encryption and authentication;
*) firewall - added ipsec-policy matcher to check wheather packet
   was/will be ipsec processed or not;
*) possibility to disable route cache - improves DDOS attack
   handling performance up to 2x (note that ipv4 fastpath depends on route cache);
*) fasttrack - added dummy firewall rule in filter and mangle tables
   to show packets/bytes that get processed in fasttrack and bypass firewall;
*) fastpath - vlan interfaces support fastpath;
*) fastpath - partial support for bonding interfaces (rx only);
*) fastpath - vrrp interfaces support fastpath;
*) fixed memory leak on CCR devices (introduced in 6.28);
*) lte - improved modem identification to better support multiple identical modems;
*) snmp - fix system scripts table;

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